Pharmacists ready to take over dispensing of medicine (17-Jan-2009)

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society president Datuk Nancy Ho says there are sufficient pharmacists now.

SUBANG JAYA: The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society has proposed a "zoning" system to enable pharmacists to take over the dispensing of medicine from doctors.
MPS president Datuk Nancy Ho said the age-old argument of insufficient number of pharmacies in Malaysia was no longer true.

The society conducted a "geo-mapping" study to identify the locations of pharmacies in relation to clinics and found that in major areas like Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Baru, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Baru and Kuching, the ratio was enough to serve doctors.

Ho said pharmacists could set up 24-hour outlets to cater to the needs of clinics.

MPS wanted the zoning proposal to be implemented in selected towns and to let consumers decide where they wanted to get their prescribed medications.
Some 100 doctors and pharmacists will gather at a symposium, "Future Challenges for Healthcare in Malaysia" here tomorrow and one of the issues to be raised is separation of the role of doctors and pharmacists in providing healthcare.

"It is crucial that consumers are educated on the proper use of medicines."

So, UKM Pharmacy students prepare ourselves.. selamat study... :)

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